The Association of New Zealand Advertisers Inc. was founded in 1931 to provide advertisers with a collective voice in dealings with Government, advertising agencies and the media. More than 100 of New Zealand's major national advertisers represent a full cross section of industry, services and government organisations. In excess of 70% of television and print media total spend is represented by ANZA members.

ANZA is recognised by the advertising industry and government as the key body representing users of marketing communications. International issues and information is regularly shared through the World Federation of Advertisers, Brussels, and other advertisers' associations throughout the world. An experienced full-time Secretariat is supported by a strong Council, which meet seven times per annum in Auckland or Wellington.

The ANZA Council sets policy and represents the wishes of all members. ANZA is a non-profit organisation which derives its income largely by subscription from member companies. Membership subscription fees cover the base cost of staffing a professional secretariat, subscriptions to local and international resources, provision of issues management and regulatory affairs, self regulation costs and industry representation at various levels. ANZA provides public affairs management and advocacy services and promotes self regulation. Other added value services are dedicated to maximising advertising effectiveness through advice, education and training.