Why Have an Advertisers Association?

Today’s advertising environment impacts on the business interests of advertisers more than ever before.

  • Advertisers face increasing pressure from regulations and administrative rules which may constrain advertising efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The viability of advertising is under constant review from media fragmentation and cost
  • Political agendas reviewing broadcast advertising including minutage, and New Zealand content
  • Significant changes in advertising agency relationships - particularly remuneration - need constant attention to ensure advertiser/agency co-operation is maintained for the benefit of both parties
  • Media fragmentation, providing opportunities and complications (e.g. Internet, digital broadcasting, direct mail)
  • Advertisers need a national body capable of serving their needs, by representing the industry in these and other significant issues as they arise. A body which can advise on the issue of return on advertising investment. The only body which can meet these needs is ANZA.

  • ANZA is recognised by government as the official voice on advertising matters.
  • ANZA is recognised by media and agencies as the advocate for advertisers on industry affairs.
  • ANZA is the formal representative of all advertisers within the advertising self regulatory system. This system governs the content of all advertising and all advertisers voluntarily comply with its provisions.

The critics of advertising have significant influence. It is essential that advertisers have a united voice. Businesses which advertise cannot consider other associations as an adequate substitute for membership of ANZA. ANZA plays a vital role in preserving the legitimacy and viability of advertising. Advertisers are strongly urged to protect and enhance their advertising through a modest subscription to ANZA and to become involved with their advertisers’ association.