Advertising Pre-vetting

Advertising pre-vetting is a system for advertisers to gain pre-approval of their advertisements prior to placement in media.

Advertising standards in New Zealand are self-regulated by industry by way of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) by way of its Advertising Codes of Practice and its Complaints Process.

In the case of both the Alcohol and Therapeutic Codes, the ASA requires that advertising in these categories demonstrates a high standard of social responsibility and does not mislead or deceive the consumer. To assist advertisers, advertising agencies and the media comply with the ASA Codes and avoid infringement of the Codes, the Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) administers two pre-vetting services:

LAPPS - Liquor Advertising & Promotion Pre-vetting Service

TAPS - Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting Service

Both LAPPS and TAPS provide a robust, independent mechanism for all therapeutic and liquor advertising and promotion to be pre-vetted for compliance with the relevant codes and regulations prior to being accepted for placement by the media.

While ANZA is responsible for administering these pre-vetting services, the evaluation of any advertisement is undertaken by an independent Adjudicator on a confidential basis directly with the advertiser, their agency or media.

By providing LAPPS and TAPS services for industry ANZA seeks:

· To ensure a consistent standard of compliance with the relevant codes and regulations by all advertisers and across all media.

· To provide advertisers with an independent, confidential and efficient means of pre-vetting advertisements.

· To support the principles of responsible industry self-regulation of advertisers

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