7 advertising predictions for 2017

10:36 AM, 9 February 2017

Blink and you'll miss it.

Everything around us is changing, especially the marketing industry. Strategies and platforms that were cutting edge and effective are now collecting dust, and new concepts are appearing seemingly every day.

What will 2017 hold for us in marketing and advertising?

ANZA has forecast some of the key trends for advertisers:

ANZA's 2017 Predictions

1. Greater scrutiny of digital investment

Brand owners will increasingly be asking:

  • Where are my ads ending up?
  • What percentage of my digital ads are actually being seen?
  • Am I really getting the ROI I'm told I'm getting?

These questions will lead brands to review their digital investment more deeply. Globally, we are already seeing indications that brand owners are diverting some of their spend towards what they perceive to be more transparent channels.

We expect to see the same trend in New Zealand.

2. "TV is dead"

Still not true.

It is admittedly getting harder to reach an audience whose attention span gets shorter.

With mobile devices serving as a competing screen, ad recall becomes even harder when you can do several other activities on a smartphone or tablet during a TV commercial break.

We think it's time to exhale, tune out the hype, and get a bit of a reality check.

Yes, viewing habits are changing, but TV still has unbeatable scale and reach compared to every other media, including online video.

3. Consumers will regain control

In 2017, we will see consumers begin to take back control of their online privacy.

New privacy rules coming out of the EU will require companies to give consumers more information about how they use data collected from individuals. And this will lead to similar demands elsewhere, including New Zealand and Australia.

The days of blindly ticking boxes will soon be over.

Consumers will need to make deliberate decisions about informed consent, meaning brand marketers will need to work hard and find new ways to articulate the value of personalised, targeted advertising.

4. Brand-to-brand partnerships

The 2016 Effies recognised the successful partnership between DB and Gull with the "Brewtroleum" campaign.

We think we will see more of this, with brand owners looking beyond Brand-Media collaborations to form Brand-to-Brand partnerships.

Brands will pool resources, cross-reference data and increasingly co-create -- all to prove that two brains are better than one.

5. Data ownership

As clients seek greater transparency from programmatic, we expect to see more and more brands setting up direct deals to improve control and visibility.

Ownership of data, for example, is a strategically important consideration for many media teams, and we expect to see more marketing procurement involvement in setting up direct contracts with tech vendors.

6. More pressure on "big food"

No one has been under greater pressure in recent years than so-called big food. Expect more of the same in 2017.

The food marketing debate and the relentless uptake of new technologies by kids have led to increased regulatory scrutiny around marketing to children, here in New Zealand and around the globe.

The way brands connect with children online, particularly through mobile devices, is sparking a backlash led by the World Health Organisation (WHO) amongst others.

As parents become increasingly anxious about their kids' online habits, regulators will look for statutory solutions.

7. Internal capability never more important

We can't outsource our most thorny challenges.

Declining consumer trust, a lack of sufficiently integrated and creative solutions, ad fraud, media transparency ... it's ultimately incumbent on marketers and advertisers to take the lead in rectifying these challenges.

2017 will see an increased focus on internal capabilities.

Budget holders must acquire and develop the necessary leadership and expertise in order to attain greater understanding, visibility and, ultimately, control over their brand's destiny.

At the end of the day, the future is in our hands.

Do you agree or disagree? What are you predictions for 2017? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to lindsay@anza.co.nz

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