Have we hit fast forward on media choice too quickly?

4:52 PM, 24 November 2016

What are current media trends? What is the state of TV consumption?

Are we still reaching our audiences? What is the state of TV consumption?

ANZA has regularly argued the need for advertisers to buy media for today, to reach people how they are using media now, not how they may consume media in the future.

As much as media trends provide a potential outlook, we should (generally) move with the market, not ahead of it, or we risk not reaching our audiences. On the one hand, we overstate the reach and duration of digital video. On the other, we are equally likely to understate the continued dominance of linear TV.

Disregarding or ignoring platforms such as TV can actually limit your reach. It is the equivalent of removing a dinner guest's plate halfway through their main course. Not only might they still have an appetite for the main course, but they might not be ready for the next course -- they haven't developed a taste or desire for it yet. Or even worse they might lose appetite altogether and leave, never to come back.

While advertisers must keep a close eye on evolving media trends, we must strike the right balance between traditional and emerging advertising platforms and be in tune with current consumer behaviours.

Why is this proving difficult?

Research proves TV still captivates consumers

New research from Thinkbox UK shows a significant gap between advertisers' assumptions about TV viewing habits and actual consumer behaviour.

Points of particular interest are:

  • How advertisers overestimate the popularity of online video
  • How TV still holds a definitive influence over consumers
  • The reasons why, as advertisers, we should remain focussed on current audience behaviour

To understand more of the disconnect between our assumptions and the reality of audience behaviour, ANZA refers you to this perceptively sharp report by Marketing Week's Charlotte Rodgers. Although from the UK, there are important lessons here for New Zealand advertisers.

Why the disconnect between our assumptions and reality? Are we getting the right market signals from our agencies? Or are they too enamoured with tomorrow's media rather than today's? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to lindsay@anza.co.nz

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