Stand the test of time - how to create a classic ad

9:37 AM, 5 August 2016

Making the connectionANZA shares NZ’s top 10 TV ads

Advertising has always been about connecting brands with people. It still is. But today we know a lot more about the people with whom we want to connect, and almost every day we're given new tools to help us make those connections.

Plus, now, if we do it right, those people we successfully engage with may connect with each other and with all their friends to help us build a whole community of brand fans and activists.

While the channels and the technology continue to evolve, the purpose of advertising remains the same. Advertisers need to remember the basics haven't changed and won't. Chief among these non-changes is human nature itself -- the essential drives that motivate the people we're trying to influence.

As they always have and always will, people seek brands that will help them with both their everyday lives and their aspirations.

Local legends of TVCs

New Zealand On Screen recently released their 10 greatest television commercials of all time. While subjective, they have provided an opportunity to celebrate some of the very best of local TVCs.

Watch these TVCs and consider how we might take the lessons learned about storytelling with emotion and humour, and combine these with the tools and data brought to us by digital disruption.

For stories well told that resonated and engaged with consumers, check out the top 10 New Zealand TVCs of all time here.

What are some of your favourite advertisements? Why did they resonate with you? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to

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