Time for an examination: the New Zealand Initiative Report

10:28 AM, 13 May 2016
NZ Initiative Report

Lifestyle regulations assume people do not always act in their best interests. The Health of the State warns against policies designed to protect people from themselves.

Too often public health policies (current and potential) lack strong evidence. These policies may be based on studies that are not robust. The report provides an economic toolkit to test the reliability of these studies.

Even if public health studies are robust, the scope of some studies does not always lend themselves to strong policy conclusions, or conclusions that the policy will improve health outcomes.

The report investigates three policy case studies: food taxes; e-cigarettes; and alcohol marketing

Its findings demonstrate that some regulations are not based on sound evidence and may not even improve health outcomes. In these cases, encroachments on freedom are even more unjustified.

The full report can be downloaded here

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